Thinstone Veneer

Castle Ledgestone Thin Veneer
Castle Ledgestone Thin Veneer

Since 2009, Allstone Corp has been  producing Thin Stone Veneer from all three of our natural  granites.

Each piece is hand selected and sawn on site by some of the best in the business.

Available in:

Mosaic Thin Veneer

Roughly Square and Rectangular

Ledgestone Veneer

Corners available in all cuts

Natural Thin Veneer is applied much like manufactured stone, requiring little to no engineering , but with a natural stone look. Thin Veneer also offers simpler, more cost effective    installation than full thickness stone. Now you can get the unique full thickness Allstone look without the weight!

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Old Chester Square and Rec Thin Veneer
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Green Mountain Mosaic Thin Veneer