About Us

Allstone Corp/The Stone Depot is located on Route 103, between the town of Ludlow and Chester, Vermont’s historic stone village. Chester’s stone village, ┬ástanding now for over 100 years, is a part of town that is known for its unique stone buildings. Stone houses abound in the region, built not as mansions for the rich, but as homes, schools and churches for the working people. Constructed at a low cost, these homes were ideal protection from outside dangers such as harsh Vermont’s winters, and hot summer days.

At Allstone, we embrace our region’s history and we even have a little history of our own. Allstone has been a family owned and operated business since 1995, by a family entrenched in the masonry business. When you walk in the door at the Stone Depot you will see on the wall a Union Certificate from the Bricklayers, Masons and Plasterers Union. This award was given to Peter Adamovich in 1956 to acknowledge his superb craftsmanship and experience. This certificate is a token of the beginning of Allstone’s experience. Over the years, Peter continued to excel and grow in his trade. Eventually training his son Gregg Adamovich to follow in his footsteps. Together they worked side by side for years, until deciding to branch into quarrying in 1995.