Wallstone and Thinwall


Wallstone is ideal for exterior freestanding or retaining walls. Wallstone is often combined with other types and sizes of stone to create a distinctive blend of patterns and colors. Wallstone comes in many sizes and thicknesses;  our homeowner friendly Fast Stack Pick Pack and Regular Wallstone are palletized and stocked  in inventory.  Our heavier 1 – 2 Man Wallstone, Mini-Excavator Wallstone, and Excavator Wallstone are typically sold loose.  All of our wallstone has at least one good straight edge. Call for availability on loose product.


Wallstone & Thinwall Mix

Regular Wallstone Specifications:

  • 3″ – 12″ thick
  • 1 – 2+ Square feet facing area
  • 13 cubic feet per ton (palletized)
  • 1.5 – 2 tons per pallet
Excavator Wallstone

Excavator Wallstone Specifications:

2′ – 5′ long

2″ – 3′ deep

6″ – 18″ thick